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    I am told that, currently, does not support @media queries in my Custom CSS. Before wasting my time inserting other advanced CSS, I’d like to keep track of the current state of affairs on supported CSS at (Yes, I realize changes will be made from time to time, and I promise to watch out.)

    The blog I need help with is


    @fjpoblam, I can understand that. Here’s the CSS tag for our support docs. Not enough is posted or tagged there now, but I will make sure it’s updated soon.

    I appreciate you’re interest, and I will work to get the documentation updated. You should also subscribe to our news blog for announcements and updates about new features and in general.



    I can’t see anything of relevance in those links; just basic stuff which anyone trying to add @media will already know. Are there security reasons why you can’t get too specific about how the custom CSS filter works or say which properties are allowed to be used here?


    Those links are what to watch for future updates.


    There’s no reason not to be specific. uses CSSTidy. I’m working to see what I can get added within our current setup.



    Ah. I just had a look at the official custom CSS plugin over at and there’s a lot of notes in their CSSTidy file saying ‘todo: add CSS3’. Now, obviously that might be lagging behind development over here, but judging by recent threads, probably not.

    Going by that list, the only CSS3 properties which will currently work on are border-radius, text-shadow, box-shadow and opacity, while @ rules will be stripped. Any standard CSS2 should be fine. I hope that’s some help to the OP.

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