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    I’ve read the FAQ. It says no, but links to a yes (“we will in the future”). I’m just requesting that support be added for this and an official response be made. I do understand there’s a concern for SEO flooding and empthasize with that thought. I’d like to use the smallest Google Link ads on my blog, and currently it looks like I may need to host my own blog to do so.

    I don’t mind doing this, though, just wanted to get something official than both a yes and a no. Are you or aren’t you going to add support? Thanks.



    As per your own post, support for Adsense will be added in the future. Not sure why you’re questioning this. Please remember that currently to save space and processing power, we all share the same themes and CSS on the servers. If you were to add something to your theme, it would have to be added to everyone’s site that uses that same theme.

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