Please support right to left languages for the all themes of WordPress

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    Hi everybody!

    My language is Farsi and I think you already know that it is a Right to Left language but the only theme which support it, is the defult template of WordPress (kubrick).
    I think it would be a good idea that you add an option to WordPress for customizing the Font and Direction of page.
    If you add this option, Farsi Weblogs will get better styles.



    this has been requested in past threads in the forums. i believe that wp plans to include this feature in the future. you should send a feedback so the wp team can take note, as not all threads in the forums are monitored by the support team.



    Um, could have sworn that all of the themes had rtl support here at All you have to do is ask for it via feedback. Comes up from time to time and feedback for the posters has been that it works once they send in this request.

    Since this is the mulituser version of the software, it’s something that actually has to be turned on on the backend.

    At least that was my understanding.


    Dear drmike
    I know i can send a feedback and all of the themes here had RTL support too.
    it’s not only my problem, but it is also a problem for all WP users that their language are written RTL.
    I think it’s easier that WP team add an option for changing font and page direction.
    If you go and see Persian blogs in WP, you’ll find up to 90% users are using the same theme because Kubrick 1.5 supports RTL when i setup my WordPress as Persian.



    There are a lot of Hebrew bloggers at as well, and I could have sworn that some of them are using other themes. You’re right, though, it would be great if more templates supported right to left, although in some cases the designers may want to mirror the original layout rather than just adapt the way text gets displayed.

    You can check engtech’s blog for his reviews of templates; I believe he mentions which have right to left support. The blog is at

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