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Please take a look :(

  1. Please could someone tell me if my site appears clear with no images missing, its showing messed up on mine!! (

    And help, why could this be doing it on mine?

  2. Looks fine to me. What's missing on your end?

  3. The navbar and the sidebar widgets keep cutting off :(

  4. The last thing I see in the sidebar is two button images - the last for Pixel Waffle. Is there supposed to be more?

    Do you have html in text widgets? Check to make sure they are closed properly - that's normally my problem when something doesn't show right.

    In the navbar (under the header image I assume) the last link I see is for "leave a comment".

    What is missing?


  5. What your seeing is correct, which means its my browser which is messed. thanks alot cornell :) *THUMBS UP* My browser is messed! cheers all

  6. Try clearing cookies and cache and stuff and see what happens. Good luck!

  7. just restarted my system / compute, its all sorted now. cheers and cornell, your luck came in hand :-)

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