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please tell me how to transfer my website from another site to here

  1. I started to make a site on Intuit....hated it - I wanted a blog - I did everything over that I needed to to have it transferred.

    Can someone please tell me how to get it here now?
    Thank you so much


  2. Look in your dashboard, under TOOLS, and IMPORT:

    WP makes it easy to auto import from the following. If you have custom code, you can use that if you upgrade to allow custom CSS

    I don't believe Intuit is supported by t he import function currently.

  3. thank you so much for your quick response

    I have the custom code from Intuit....Intuit is not listed as an option to import from.....does that mean I cannot use my name "sewcrazylady" as a name ever again?

  4. I don't need the content to transfer - just want ""

  5. First you need to get an XML export file of your blog content from Intuit and then you will have an export file that you can import into your free hosted blog. Is there an exporter at Intuit so your can create an XML export file? If not, then does your site there have an RSS Feed?

  6. I don't need the content to transfer - just want ""

    I was typing at the same time. Then all you need to do is pirchase a domain mapping upgrade and map to your domain from your free hosted blog. See here > and here >

  7. thank you so much!!!! Started the process and have to wait 72 hours to add it to my account here!!!

  8. You're welcome.

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