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Please tell me there are real people here to help!

  1. Can't see video posts. Followed instructions.....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are no real people here we are all zombies!

  3. What kind of a video are you referring to please?
    Do you have the videopress upgrade?
    Exactly which instructions did you follow please?
    Exactly which post or page can we examine, given you have not provided a URL?

  4. zombies!! I thought I killed them all ;)

    1. I followed these instructions:

    2. The video I am trying to post is from Youtube

    3. I upgraded to the bundle but did not add the videopress upgrade because I was planning on simply pasting the URL as instructed. Do I need the upgrade?

    4. I am glad you are not a zombie because clearly someone ate my brains.

    5. Thank you :)

  5. 3. No
    Do not chnage a single thing. Copy and paste this shortcode on a single line with nothing else exactly where you want the video to display.

    See also:

  6. YOU are FABULOUS! Problem resolved ;)

  7. You're welcome.

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