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Please, trying to setup Email to another host ... no success

  1. Please,

    I've being trying to change the MX records to I click on DOMAINS > ADD EMAIL > OTHER > ADD DNS Records

    Once there I added MX 1 MX.IPAGE.COM

    But it did not work. Ipage says I must add 3 addresses : , and

    How do I add them ? I do not see how through the example WordPress gives. I know It may be obvious, but I have no clue ...

    I really appreciate for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi timethief !

    Thanks for replying.

    I did go through this tutorial, but still do not know how to add the addresses. I want to keep my domain at WordPress but if I don't have this fixed , I have no other choice. :(

    Thanks anyway. :)

  3. Here is a bit more info on the MX records and such - I think you have a formatting issue for starters

  4. HI Auxclass!

    I have WordPress since 2007 , but never done this DNS stuff.
    My problem is exactly when following the tutorial.
    Ipage gave me MX and addresses (3). But how to edit the DNS with this information ? That's the sample:

    MX <pref> <host>.
    TXT <text>
    CNAME <subdomain> <host>.
    A <subdomain> <IP>
    SRV <_service._protocol> <priority> <weight> <port> <domain>

    Thanks for replying :)

  5. I could guess first line is :

    MX 1

    What about the others ? :(

  6. The IPs are probably A Records, but your email provider is the only one that knows for sure.

    I recommend asking them for the correct and complete DNS records.

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