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please unlink blog so I can redirect domain

  1. julierossmyers

    I have a domain registered at godaddy and hosted at bluehost. I have canceled my bluehost account, bought a domain name upgrade and changed the dns servers so that the domain redirects to a site.... but the old blog is still linked and causing problems. the domain is

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. julierossmyers

    Thank you... I want redirected to I have tried to set up google apps... this gives an old lady headaches

  4. Hi there, you had the nameservers set up correctly, what needed to be changed is the primary domain under Store > Domains. I changed the primary domain to from, assuming that's what you wanted.

    Nameserver changes sometimes take a few hours to propagate across internet (theoretically up to 72 hours, but usually much less). Could you please try loading your domain and let me know if it works?

    Sorry you are having trouble setting up email. We have a detailed support article covering multiple email providers and steps needed for setup here:

  5. julierossmyers

    Yes now works. thanks.

  6. You are welcome and thanks for the update!

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