Please use the same icon set for both Admin Color Scheme

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    When I try to change the admin color scheme, I notice that the icon set for the gray color scheme is different from the blue color scheme. Most of the people maybe don’t notice this because the differences is not much but I do notice this. I like the gray ones but I want to use them in blue environment. Please use the SAME ICON set for both the gray & blue admin color scheme!



    There was a competition to design the icon set and the top two sets were chosen since both got so many more votes than the rest of the entries. I’m afraid you’ll have to choose between colour and icon.



    And where can i find the option ‘admin color scheme’ on the new dashboard?



    Same place as the old dashboard, under user profile.

    Click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and it will take you straight to your profile.



    Thanks justjennifer.



    @rosclarke: I know that the icon used now is based on the top 2 winners of the competition (I voted too.)
    But I thought they would choose or combine the best metaphor beetwen the 2 winners to make it a single icon set to be used in WP 2.7. I’m a little disapointed about this.

    And.. Oh Yeah… I more thing, I remember that they said there will be an option for us later where one can use their preferred icon set on the dashboard. I think I better wait now till that really happened.

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