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PLEASE visit my blog...............

  1. ........and commenst on my blogs and i'll do the same, i am new here, and spread the word about my blog

  2. If you want to up hits, do a forum search for "hits" or "Blog promotion" or related terms and you'll see a million threads of advice. Those tips are going to be way more effective than simply asking people to read it.

  3. The forum is for blogs. Not for Freewebs sites.

  4. What is with people trying to promote their blogs over here? Have they never even heard of common sense or common courtesy?

    And yeah, you're "new here"? You're not even HERE.

  5. I think she does have a blog here, but hasn't linked it with her username.

    If you want to get more people reading your blog, you'll need to post more frequently; people come back for good content, so you really want to be doing at least a couple of posts a week. And if you want to announce your blog, try doing it here; it's set up especially for plugging our blogs.

  6. Here are some links to help you increase traffic to your blog.

    The Beginner's Guide

    More promotion blog ideas:

    (1) Submit your blog to search engines
    Submit your site to Submit it to ONLY the top 40 search engines. They’ll ask you to paste their code on your site and then you will get emails asking to confirm your submissions.

    (2) Use categories and tags on your posts.

    (3) Join social networks and forums.

    (4) Comment on blogs with the same subject matter as your own.

    Happy Blogging :)

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