Please vote for enabling shortcodes in widgets

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    I just found out that this awesome blogging software doesn’t allow me to post a youtube welcome video at the side.

    You have to use VodPod, which is totally not what I desire.

    I hope there are more people with the same request, because that would really be a nice-to-have.

    So who else’s been missing adding small vimeos, youtubes or even google videos on the side in the widgets?



    With respect I would like to point out that requesting votes is nonsensical and needlessly creates a combative forum environment. Automattic is not a democracy. It’s a corproataion and business decisions are not made by mob rule.

    We all have the option of coming up with the $5- $7 per month required to hire a web host and download a free software install from wordpress.ORG. I have one and I can post videos in my sidebar in the theme I use on that blog.

    I cannot post them here in the sidebar on my wordpress.cCOM blog but I’m sure as heck not joining any army of wannbe voters, who are into mob rule pressure tactics and I’m surpised that you are. It’s so highschool!


    As far as playing videos in the sidebar, you have to remember that the sidebars are typically a maximum of 200px wide, with a fair number of them at 150px. I don’t know about others, but I certainly would not click on and watch a video that is only 200px wide. It would be like watching a dancing lint ball. I just don’t see this as something I would use since I doubt my readers would use it either.

    It could be made to expand out and over the post area, but that requires quite a bit of flash programming.



    Thanks for your replies.
    However I find it interesting, since my sidebar is 300px

    What concerns the army of voters: I know it is useful to see for Automatic, as is for any software company, to see which features are most requested by their users.

    On a side note, I would like to point out that Automatic is by far more democratic than any other institution in the matrix is claiming to be.



    Granted that Automattic are open to suggestions from users of their software and I think anyone with a suggestion ought to hesitate making it directly to their Staff

    There is no democratic structure and I stand on my position stated above. These threads call for us to vote are unnecessarily combative and misleading. We are free to make suggestions at any time.

    Also note that there are millions of bloggers and the vast and overwhelming majority are not found posting here in the English speaking forum.



    Sorry :( I missed a word above. I meant to type: “Granted that Automattic are open to suggestions from users of their software and I think anyone with a suggestion ought not hesitate making it directly to their Staff.”


    Actually a video in a widget would have the same size as videos viewed in Windows Media Player when you have mini player activated in the taskbar. This is done by right clicking on

    Taskbar > Toolbars > Windows Media Player. Then you start a video and minimize WMP. Then do this:

    I had to make a screenshot to show what I mean – it’s not easy to explain. A lot of people don’t know this feature. I watch more TV in that mini window than I do on the tube itself – it’s my main news source some days. It will say put whatever you do. You can surf the net and all else while watching. :-)


    Sorry – wrong link:



    I agree with @thesacredpath . I would not view a video on a sidebar whatever pixel wide. And my personal opinion is it is better to add a text widget or the Gravatar widget on the side bar at most and get a welcome message displayed, than a welcome movie, which will rarely be seen. And also a lot of people (like me) would be really annoyed if the video starts playing automatically.


    Well, I think a little solo video in the sidebar could be useful. For webcam broadcasts for instance.

    The volcano in Iceland Eyjafjallajökull have several running webcams arranged around it and they are on 24-7. Some of them here Рone down for maintenance:

    In my country we follow the situation on Iceland with some interest. Iceland used to be a part of Denmark before they gained independence in 1944.

    Bastards! Perhaps I should start a movement? Reykjavik is a holy city! They live on occupied land! Stop the apartheid – Iceland is Danish!

    No. Just kidding. I support them and might have put a webcam broadcast in a mini widget had we had one. Or a webcam from the volcano Katla – it’s getting ready to blow too.


    NB: VodPod can make live video from webcams run on a blog…



    /ignore timethief

    Others, thank you for your support. I’ll make a suggestion to the staff.


    :-) tt is a very terrific person even thoug opinions differ a bit…



    Thanks. Differences of opinions do not have to alienate people. Far be it from me to tell other adults whom to ignore. ;)


    Yeps! :-) Did you see my almost art here from MSPaint? Would have thought it could change everybody’s mind:

    Just kidding ! :-D)))



    LOL … okay so this series of bumps has got to bring a smile to julezedward8’s face, right. :)


    Right! :-D)))



    Adapt and over come….it’s a universal law….


    Well, apart from the fact that WordPress of cause need to OK it, this is just as much a VodPod issue. They are the ones who should make that solo video vidget for us.

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