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Please would you help me and not just close until I have a resolution?

  1. Hello again. My question was closed and I have already read "how to create a homepage" several times so that is not a help but I am opening a new forum as requested --I am halfway around the world and still lost as to how to implement this Photography Theme I purchased last August. I can not find the Page Attributes at the right side of the Publish button after I add a page and call it home. I am truly frustrated by this point and I pd for the theme and an upgrade. Again, I have read all the the guidance. And reread it again today. I just want my site to look like I paid for it to look. Sorry, I am not getting it. But please do not just close the question without helping me. Please. It toke me 25 minutes just to find the question button again to resend this--Internet is intermitant and expensive so it is hard starting from sratch all the time. I may be just learning but I am not getting this and I have spent hours looking at your guidance.

    Also you failed to answer part of my question: "Will I lose and posts if I change the look now? Also, do I need to do anything differently since I am not "starting my site from scratch?"

    Thank you, Signed Feeling Very Frustrated! (My blog is ) Thanks again.
    Blog url:

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