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PleaseSupport iFrame

  1. hi

    please support the iFrame tag in pages and posts. this would enable me to display much richer content than wordpress allows, without compromising wordpress security.


  2. sorry, pretty much sure it won't happen:

    * not feasible on this platform technically w/o compromising security;

    * against Automattic's vested interests, as this would allow "to drive traffic to third party sites".

  3. Just for reference - why iframes are bad news -

  4. Isn't sure Blogspot? Does blogs support iframe and javascript? Are they sure widgets and frames to go to Flickr, Youtube, Sonific, Podvideos and so on? Please, reconsider the question! I only want to embed our Google Calendar!

  5. If they enable IFrames, they have no way of controlling what's posted in them, ie what enters blogs. It's the same as putting them right in the blogs. So, since that would totally compromise security they won't do that.

    There are plenty of options if you find you MUST have content that is disallowed for security reasons here.

  6. re: I only want to embed our Google Calendar!

    sorry blocfarminfo, you can't embed Google Calendar into iframe.

    you can only have a constantly updating RSS feed of your Goog Cal. in your sidebar as per instructions in this post:

    while IFrame element may be not the very best way to include dynamic content into modern web-pages, it still is a very useful one, like in the aforementioned Calendar case.

    and, by the way, it's a pure HTML which does not even require a client side scripting (aka Javascript)!

    also, regarding iframes, there ain't such thing as "security reasons" these are just another excuses from the whole series of mythical reasons here on .com

    could you show me just a single exploitable way that 'would totally compromise security' of this page < > which does contain IFrame?

  7. I too would be interested in iframes, so that I could include pattern generators which can't run on wordpress because they don't support php or perl scripting.

  8. Please send in your feature request to staff during support hours on weekdays (9 - 5PM)

  9. I just created a brand new website for my community but... as there's so many cool addon that are restricted for users I CAN ONLY FEEL RELIEF!! Yes I mean relief because as I DID NOT inform everybody about the address I still can go back and MAKE THE CHANGE!!
    - this is my feedback! bye

  10. I am relieved to hear that you are relieved. Good bye and happy blogging. :)

  11. I think if many needs raising from community, WP should think again. But it may take time to consider...
    Anyway, thanks for all things WP provide me so far. My blog just 4 months old with ~60.000 visits and Google PR4.

  12. @donguyenhung
    If you wish to bring your idea to staff attention you can do so during support hours weekdays 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific time. Here's the link

  13. not feasible at the moment.

  14. If you wish to place ads inside can embed a php instead using the standard a href and img tags ..and instead of .jpg, ends with .php?do=something

    Best regards

    azrin @

  15. @azrin
    Not at you cannot.

  16. You can use iframe on

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