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Pleeeezz join the "COMMENT-BEGGARS"...

  1. cindyashleymiller

    ...We, the undersigned, declare that we are DESPERATE for comments...we cannot eat...we cannot sleep...

    ...We are throwing ourselves onto the mercy of this site...and BEGGING for comments...

    ...PLEEEEZZ JOIN by signing below...and indulge your fellow club-members, by leaving comments on their sites...

  2. Yes! Totally! I use to get a lot of comments but now like 1 in a month!

  3. Lol what a desperate, attention-grabber title! Why are you airing out our secrets like that in a public forum? lol!

  4. How's that working for you?

  5. cindyashleymiller

    Oooooo, i believe that most bloggers are "desperately" seeking comments, whether they be positive or negative ones...

    Perhaps, use of the word "desperately" is over-kill...or "attention-grabbing" overkill as u call it, hibiscusjaune...The saddest thing i see on this site, are many, many bloggers publishing well-prepared, well-presented, interesting posts, and then mentioning somewhere on their site, that they usually receive only 1 or 2 comments per WEEK...

    While some may publish posts strictly for their own enjoyment, i believe that the vast majority of us wish to see whether others agree with our viewpoints, or oppose them...

    After all...most would not spend time composing a blog, if they truly believed that it would not be read...and hopefully, commented upon...

    Raincoaster...i am farrrr from being a "polished" blogger...practicing Law takes up most of my day...However, having been on this site for only 3+ weeks and having received dozens and dozens of comments, makes meee feel quite happy...altho, this specific Forum Topic has only been up for 2+days.

  6. I agree totally. I want people to post open minded, well thought out opinions of my work. I'm putting mtself out there and love feedback and suggestions.

  7. I'll visit you guys :)

  8. cindyashleymiller

    Thanx, nicstarr ;-)

  9. gracias!

  10. I like pie

  11. I.. have to agree.

    Most popular post I made where it got 30ish comments was a rant on Modern Warfare 2.

    I notice that people nowadays prefer to go over to Youtube, watch some nice video reviews, maybe Let's Play's of games, and podcasts.

    People are just too lazy to read, at least, from my area of blogging :(.

  12. @leetgamer
    Really?? I thought typed reviews are better than podcasts or any other sort of medium.

  13. Nah people are tl;dr these days, they prefer video reviews, which is something that I'm interested in doing in the near future.

  14. I like most am a comment whore!!!

    p.s. Tomorrow's blog (Friday) is going to be EPIC!
    Stay Tuned

  15. D: I'm a comment whore, too. I used to get lots of comments, then I changed my blog

  16. How's the begging working for you?

  17. I'll visit you guys. I've never met a person or read a blog I think is boring.

  18. lol this thread is funny...good title :)

    You can have lots of comments if you leave comments in other blogs too. And then built a good relationship with those who had left their comments. I have some constant readers who keep leaving comments and I'm also becoming their constant reader.

  19. always welcome to feedback, positive or negative.

  20. i use to follow bokunosekai's way..

  21. wow lol @ thats an original post

    hope it works out well for you guys

  22. Balladeer wrote: "I'll visit you guys. I've never met a person or read a blog I think is boring."

    Then you haven't been to my blog yet.

  23. BTW, when comments go into moderation, it sometimes lessons the frequency one will return and comment.
    For my blog, I leave it wide open. Of course I have askitmet turned on but for the most part, any one is free to comment at will. If perchance a troll arrives, he/she/it can be quickly contained and removed.

  24. Leetgamer, your blog is marked as private. that certainly slows the comment trail down.

  25. Love the title 'comment Beggars" haha

    I think that comments mean more than page views. Page views can come from anywhere. Plus a person could click on your page by accident and not read anything. At least with a comment you can get some feedback for your work, good, bad or indifferent.

  26. theintentionalsage

    Wouldn't subscribers be just as important as 'comment-ors'?

    Someone could be commenting on your blog simply because they think it will drive traffic to their blog (sort of a selfish act disguised as a selfless act).


    A subscriber is someone you can count on who is going to be reading what you write/say/imagine, all the time. I think a comment from a subscriber has a little more umph than a random comment.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  27. Subscribers aren't always reading your least my subscribers. I have a lot of topic in my blog so they only scan the title and pop up when it is sutable for them.

    I enjoy they who keep showing up and leave comment even though they don't subscribe me rather than my real subscribers.

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