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  1. Anybody familiar with the Plinky service? Trying it out but I can't get it to share with my blog. All the settings are fine with the Plinky service but for some reason it's not actually sharing to my blog. I searched the forums and couldn't find anything. And since I can't copy and paste anything from Plinky my writing is over there, but I want it here! ;)
    Anybody know anything I could try?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bats,
    Are these the instructions you used?

  3. I am having the same problem and I did check all of my settings. Plinky states my login information is just fine. I got it to work on my first post, but not on my second. The cursor just keeps spinning, but it doesn't get posted.

  4. Yup TT, that's the insructions I used. Just like Lee up there Plinky is telling me everything is ok on Plinky's end. I'm not experiencing the cursor spinning. It's posted at Plinky but I'm not able to get it to come over here for some reason.

  5. Went to try and share it again and verify my log in info, I do get the cursor spinning and nada happening.

  6. Well since Plinky still hasn't sent me an email, I think I'll have to wait until March for wp.COM support to get back. Grrrrr :(

  7. Oh, so I won't take it personally that Plinky has ignored my several emails. Hey, we don't need Plinky to keep blogging.

  8. I hear ya Lee. I don't know maybe their on break also.

  9. Plinky was purchased by Automattic last summer. I suppose the employees connected to Plinky are probably "brainstroming" too.

  10. Ya I had noticed that Plinky was an Automatic tool. Hopefully they are brainstorming, I was thinking yesterday that at Plinky there was no way to put in tags or cats so I'd be sharing it to my blog but have to come to my blog anyway to edit the article for those seems like a waste of time to me.

  11. I guess Plinky has figured something out because now I have two of the same post. If I delete one will it screw my index for that post up with google? I didn't get any email from them so I'm not sure what the deal was nor do I have any clue what to do with having two of the same post. Grrrr

  12. I wouldn't do any deleting. I wouldn't sweat this. When Staff return from the presummed tropical location where they are brainstorming at I would contact them.

  13. My last Plinky post came through...finally. But now all of my WordPress posts are double posting. The second one comes through with something weird about the title. Any thoughts? I emailed WordPress, but maybe the storm hasn't gone out in their brains.

  14. Plinky seems like a great idea if they can work out these bugs. I have no idea why all of your posts would be coming through twice. I'm gonna have to check mine to see if it's doing that.
    Thanks TT, I'm gonna contact them over the weekend see what they can help me figure out.

  15. Leecalisti,
    Are you referring to the blog hooked to your username? I'm not seeing it on that one. Mines not duplicating but the pic is too huge and there are no tags just my default catagory.

  16. Yes, thinkarchitect is my blog. I have deleted the 'second' post each time it reposted (with a somewhat different name). I can't tolerate seeing my blog with double posts and weird names...I am an architect and we are funny about stuff like that.
    Why can't things just work....that's rhetorical.

  17. Hi bats0711!

    I'm very sorry to hear Plinky is giving you trouble. You can contact Plinky support via their form below:

  18. Just did, thanks Hewsut.

  19. I hear ya Lee, it could drive a person mad having to deal with double posting. Sometimes it would be great is something just worked. ;)

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