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  1. I was NOT trying to set up a WordPress account. All I wanted to do was gain access to If I have to create a blog just to access a damn shopping site, then forget it! please delete this account.

    - RadicalCon

  2. Although username accounts are not deleted, so you cannot be impersonated and have your reputation affected by anyone registering the same username in the future, there are steps you can take that amount to removing all personal information and result in leaving only a throwaway email address behind.

    1. You can go to My Account->Edit Profile and remove all data except the account name and an email address. Create a throwaway email address and change the account email to that throwaway address. This only leaves the username behind.

    2. To unsubscribe from email sent to you from, go here and click on “Block all subscription emails from”:!/following/subsettings/

    3. To ensure the account is locked up tightly, visit this site, generate a password of 15-20 characters, and change the account password to it:

    4. While you cannot completely delete your Gravatar profile, you can remove all of your profile information easily through the "Edit My Profile" page here:

    You can also hide your Gravatar profile from external access. Visit your profile page (click your name in the top navigation of the website), then click the "Hide My Profile" link in the bottom, right-hand corner.

  3. Thank you, timethief. I had no subscriptions to remove & I changed my email to a bogus acct. But I've no clue what to do with that Random Password Generator thing...? But I'm good now -- I'm sure after 90 days or 6 mos. or whatever they'll remove my acct. for lack of activity.

    - RC

  4. Username accounts are never deleted or recycled exactly for the reasons tt mentioned above in her first paragraph.

    The shopping site you mentioned has been marked "Private" by its owner so the only way for someone who has been invited to view it is for them to set up a account to gain access.

  5. As justjennifer mentioned, is not a public site, and you would need to be invited to view it. It is not a shopping site, so perhaps you have been given the wrong site address by mistake.

    Just let us know if you need further help.

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