pls help create a link to an uploaded pdf with my mapped domain for download

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    Hi, I can’t seem to find the answer to how I can upload a PDF in my wordpress site with a mapped domain, and have the link to the pdf be within that mapped domain. The main reason i got the site and upgraded it was to be able to provide a link to a PDF via email that was within my domain, so people could click on it and download my portfolio.

    in other words, how can upload a pdf so it’s link is, for example, instead of

    I’d really appreciate any help as I have to send the link out and it seems support is away until aug. 15th.

    much thanks,

    (with a PS, i’ve already created /mapped it but would rather not mention the specific blog until it’s set — thanks)


    With mapped domains, links to uploaded files have to reflect the actual physical path to that file on the servers, which is why it has to be this

    instead of



    If you want to work on your domain identity – put the file in a Post then send out a link to the Post – then they are visiting your site for the file and might look around a bit for more information.



    I was hoping to have the mapped domain link pull the file without the visit but I do really appreciate your replies and suggestions. Thanks very much to you both.

    If anyone else knows of a cheap or even free hosting solution so i can just upload a file and send people my portfolio as a linked PDF with my mapped domain in the title, please do let me know. I’ll keep checking back here.

    thanks again


    I use A Small Orange and can recommend them highly and they have a “Tiny” shared hosting package at $25 per year that is more than adequate for a wordpress installation. I didn’t include the http:// as the spam software here seems to randomly whack me when I do that.

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