Pls help – leave a reply portion has issue

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    HI I have just started my blog yesterday and i noticed that on my iphone, below the ‘leave a reply’ portion, after the comments box, it says :

    you may use these HTML tags and attributes, followed by a few lines in orange with HTML….

    Can anyone help teach me where i go to remove this?

    It does not appear on the computer, just on the iphone..

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    You would need the Custom Design upgrade and a knowledge of CSS editing. That’s a list of what kind of codes commenters can use when they’re commenting, like italics and so on. We have exactly the same thing here just to the left of the comment box.



    Hi there, I have a problem with leaving a reply at all. My commenting ability is gone. Whenevr I leave a reply on a blog (including on my own), the page kind of refreshes itself and nothing happens. No comment and no “your comment is awaiting moderation”. What is going on? Is this a bug? Came out of nowhere? Can you help? Please

    Thank you



    tamikadoubell – I’ve responded to you here:

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