Pls help on the User name change w/wordpress address, while keeping old posts

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    I am very new to social media but am beginning to learn more and more everyday. Could you kindly explain a little. I read three or four options for changing the username under profile, as well as the blogsite url address that goes with the new user name. For example, my current wordexpress address is, ‘thisisiam’ -> And the user name displayed is ThisIsKate right now. The reason was that I was afraid I would lose those two post that I wrote way back when I previously tried to change the user name/wordpress address. That was where I was a little confused, although I read those options a couple of times. What I
    want is to change the wordpress url address completely along with the new user name that sound similar to one another without any of those past displayed user name. In other words, I don’t have to keep any of those past user names – ThisIsKate as well as ThisIsIAm. The reason I still have those was because in my last attempt, I thought I would lose those precious two posts if I change the name completely, as one of your options explain using the specific term – ’empty blog’ which meant/mean to me that you could keep your old posts and yet you are starting a new username along with the blog address that matches. And because of that I ended up having the displayed name and the user name being so alien to one another. Could you explain that for me. I want to make sure if I understand it correctly .. and that I would be able to still keep those past posts done in the year of 2011.
    ..but I no longer need any of those past names or url address. What I don’t want to lose are those old posts as well as the ABOUT page. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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    The blog I need help with is

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