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Plug-in: CoComment

  1. Hi there WP Admins/Team.

    Here is my first request to you guys.

    I would love to see CoComment Plugin implemented in WP.
    Think it is not going to be very difficult for you guys, plus think that quite a lot of members also would love to see this feature included.

    CoComment helps to organize all the comments left by you and other people in one place - very easy to manage.

    Can I(we) expect this feature to be installed soon.

    P.S.> Also, can we please have atleast 2-3 RSS widgets available, instead of just one.

  2. I'm confused by what you say unless my theme Andreas 09 is vastly different from yours. Go to presentation;sidebar widgets. Now look down below text widgets. You will see that you can have up to 9 RSS feed widgets, make your choice and save - hope that helps:)

  3. I am using Shocking Blue Theme and I really have access to only 1 RSS widget. Though this is not that important. More important is the CoCOmment plugin implementatiotion.

    Admins > I am looking forward for your answer.

  4. Linux, have you added more RSS widgets to your theme?

    DashBoard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets -> How many RSS widgets would you like?

    Just worked for me on my test blog here using teh Shocking Blue theme without any issue.

  5. Yes it did ... tnx. It's just that i didn't notice that option ... sorry guys.

    What about my request for implementing the CoComment plug-in ... really need it.

  6. Linux, I would suggest sending in a feedback as it appears that's usually how additions get noticed.

    Also remember that it would have to be rewritten for MU.

  7. CoComment plug-in is very well supported by worpdress, as my friends are using this plug-in on their wp servers.

    What do you mean by sending feedback as it appears?

  8. Actually I see the plug in now. I installed MU last night so I'm coming up to speed on the backend now.

    My suggestion about the feedback meant that it appears that Matt and crew go by what they get for feedback as to what gets added and what doesn't.

    I actually like the idea behind CoComment and have users who use it. I think it would be a welcomed addition to the Widgets we have here.

  9. That's simply great to hear.

    Then I wont be disturbing you guys, and really hope to see this being implemented soon.

    Tnx ... I feel happy.

  10. BTW, implement the plug-in that only stores comments of registred users with cocomment, bu allows to store comments of people who are not signed with cocomment. i know that such feature is supported.


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