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    I have a blog that is run through and I would like to add a plugin that would allow me to put text widgets into posts. However, I do not have a plug-in option in my admin menu. I cannot find any answers as to why this is or how I get that menu back. Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is


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    We cannot use plugins on


    Thank you. Would I need to uninstall my blog and then reinstall it on to do that, or is there no way that I can gain access to them?


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    What do you mean

    a plugin that would allow me to put text widgets into posts



    Well, the whole reason I started on plug-ins is because I want to be able to write a post that lets people know that I have a blog badge; to put the actual badge in the post so that people can see it and click on it, it seems like I need a plugin. (Right now, I have a badge on the sidebar.) So, if I could put the text widget with the badge code in my post, I could put the actual badge in the post.

    However, I read the article you sent me and I think that I should definitely just stick with and let go of the plug-in idea.


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    You can export your blog to a site on wp.ORG. But first you’d need a domain name, a host, and the software.


    Thanks. I didn’t understand the difference between and


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    You could add the badge code to your post. You could even set it off with a border or different colored background. Which is the badge you want to add?


    The badge is on the sidebar and is a picture of a little girl holding a carrot. I tried to put the badge code directly into the post and when I preview it, it just shows the code. Do I need to put the code in the post in a certain way? I just copied and pasted what I put in the text widget to make the badge.


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    The code needs to be pasted into the text editor.


    It works! Thanks for helping me solve my problem!


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