plug ins dont work with .com….what if I pay change hosting

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    I upgraded to a .com account through wordpress and my blog is redirected to the .com…….but now plugins are not available.

    If I go to Host gator and host my wordpress site can I get plug in capabilities back…or are they forever lost since I upgraded my domain to .com with WP

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, would transferring my domain name to the other host provider make plug ins work.

    I, for one, am confused as to why they(plug ins) don’t work for .com but work for the There should have been a disclaimer :(


    Plugins only work if you go to self-hosting with the software.

    Plugins do not work on due to security reasons.

    The domain name has nothing to do with plugins.


    Plugins have never been available on hosting. You must use self-hosting.



    There are several points about the Terms of Service and Plug-in’s in the instructions.



    So the answer is to take my blog that was created with wordoress and move it to another host site. Then will plugins become available on my dashboard or will i have to recreate it again through and transfer my domain name after ?



    If you host on Host Gator you can use Plug-ins. Set your site up and transfer the contents and such then change the name servers to Host Gator.

    Plug-in’s should be available on any WordPress.ORG install – does not matter if you were ever hosted on WordPress.COM or not.


    I am having the same problem: If we change to Host Gator, can we have a refund on WordPress hosting please.




    Hosting is free at WordPress.COM so no refund would be due for that – if you purchased an upgrade then there are different refund time frames from 48 hours to 30 days depending on what upgrade you purchased. If you bought a domain name then you can point the name servers to your new host so no refund is needed. Domain names can be transferred but there is a 60 day wait after purchasing it – an internet anti-fraud rule. But as noted above you don’t need to refund the domain name just change where it is pointed.


    Thank you all for your responses: I paid $99 for year for upgrade but want to add plug ins so I can add things like a landing page. If I go for WordPress.Org how can I do this and is there extra to pay and will I loose what I have on my website? If I use host gator will I still be needing the upgrade for my website and also will I loose what I have created on my website? Is there some sort of on the spot assistance available for me please?



    You can add a landing page for free at

    If you go to and pay for hosting you can also do this.

    What, specifically, do you want to do with your site? If you tell us, we can tell you if it’s possible at


    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I simply want to add a page where people can leave their name and email so I can capture a list and then direct the person to a sales page. For instance I have a blog ready to go about retirment planning but want to link behind the words retirement planning guide an opt in box, then when they click submit I wanted them to be directed to the sales page which I already have ready to go and I am being so delayed with not being able to do it. My site here is hosted by wordpress isn’t it?



    Oh god, that’s the easiest thing in the world. Set a page to be your Contact page and use the Contact Form:


    Yes I did that several times but the only option I get at the bottom is add to post and it attaches itself to my post and not to the page I am working on. I have been working on it for hours.



    @importantstuff…: raincoaster talked about creating a separate contact page. From your dashboard, go to Pages > Add New. Once you’re on that blank new page (which you can call “contact” or whatever you want), you can follow the instructions given by raincoaster.


    Thank you so much airodyssey for taking the time to comment, I am able to achieve making a contact page but my problem is I need to embed that contact page behind my product word (retirement planning guide) and embed the html code of my product sales page behind the contact page. So when someone who is iterested in (retirement planning guide) clicks on that they go to the contact page leave their details, click the check box and then get directed to the (retirement planning guide) sales page, it is also referred to as a squeeze page, if people want to read on they are quite happy to leave their name and email address. It is typically called an opt in page. I want to be able to capture interested parties on a contact list so I can provide them with free newsletters if they decide not to buy my product.. Eventually I will want to do a video squeeze page now that will be another nightmare. Anyway I will have another play around with it today. I really appreciated your help and will try your suggestion and then try and work out how to embed the code of the contact page behind the key words. Thanks again!!



    Thanks for the description above. May I suggest that you read this entry carefully for clarity? vs. The Differences



    It sounds like what you want to do is NOT going to be possible at It is not suitable for ecommerce, opt ins, etc. You will need to find paid hosting and install WordPress.ORG software there.


    I have the same problem. I need to get a refund on my $99 bundle I purchased for two blogs that I own. I need to have this refund asap since I was unaware of the fact that I cannot use plugins on websites. Where can I get a refund? Please help! :(


    Go into dashboard > store and under the list of your purchased upgrades will be a link where you can request a refund. Do note that there is a 48 hour limit on the pro bundle since it contains a domain name upgrade. That sets the limit for the pro upgrade.

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