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    I want to use those buttons like “Share this” for my posts- Can someone help me get that sorted? I would like readers to be able
    to email their friends- you know- Share this said I could do it- but I clicked around here and it says I can’t-

    How do you all have those share buttons at the ends of your posts?

    If there is a wordpress pro out there- to help be make my blog more active – I Would really love the help- you
    can email me direct- [email removed, don’t feed the spammers – vanillalounge]



    The easiest social bookmarking utility for WordPress.COM bloggers is called “GetSocial” and you can find it here. On that post there are links to learn what it is and how to use it.

    You can also use Feedburner to distribute your blog’s RSS feed to various RSS readers and allow people to sign up to an email subscription of your posts. Unfortunately we do not have an easy-to-use “email this” utility.

    By the way, never a good idea to post your email address in forums, as spam bots pick them up. And if you leave a link to your WordPress.COM blog, people will know how to contact you.



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