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Plug Your Top 3 Posts

  1. Plug your top 3 posts that have received the most traffic from your site (tell us how many views it has received):

    1. Who Will Win The Super Bowl -You Decide 4,569 views

    2. Club Penguin DJ Cadence Tracker 4,238 views

    3. What Do Britney Spears And Barack Obama Have In Common? 3,281 views

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The three posts with the most traffic on my blog aren't what I'd call my top posts. They simply get the most traffic. Blogging's weird that way.

  3. Any post that I tag with BDSM gets the most posts...go figure:)

  4. I agree that my top three post are not "my" top three post.

    Hey can somebody turn on threaded comments in the forums?

  5. Holy !!! My biggest post only has like 6 views...although i just started out. I hope to reach that level someday.

  6. i agree "my" top three posts are not my top traffic posts. but anyway, here they are:
    "And Justice for All" (553)
    An Abortion Joke (495)
    Mississippi Mud (495)

  7. I agree with douglaskev, but since this is basically shameless blog promotion, then why not LOL heres my top three

    Obama Staffer Effectively Debunks McCain Ad (44,921)

    Video: McCain “Americans Won’t Pick Lettuce for $50/hr” (10,525)

    Devastating McCain Video (8,268)

  8. i dont know how to find number of hits to my post... please help...

  9. i dont know how to find number of hits to my post... please help...

    Look into your dashboard buddy... its where you get all those stuffs...

  10. [strong]How Valuable Is Music Theory?[/strong]

    [strong]Practice and Self Discipline[/strong]

    [strong]Which Guitar is Best to Start With?[/strong]

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