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  1. just want to plug my blog here. a little description in one sentence:

    The tirades, gobbledygook, navel-gazing and punching bag of a slightly profane bookworm, neurotic masochistic emetophobic chocoholic couch potato, mild franco/anglophile and budget- and conscience-restrained oniomaniac with a schizophrenic, first-person-pronoun-avoidant style of writing about the only subject she knows best - herself.

    (yea, i know - a bit pretentious. but give my blog a try - am pretty sure it's anything but.)

    what about your blog? plug it with a little description.

  2. Excellent plug.

    Read my blog. I give awesome...hmmm, I'm wondering if WordPress would let the remark stand. Perhaps it's best to just leave that sentence unfinished.

    My blog is a potpourri of insanity, frivolity, anarchy, and Squid. Also, we have Name Calling Week going on in the comments section even as we speak! Fame and glory await the most foulmouthed!

  3. thanks. what word did you want to put after awesome? doesn't sound like a profanity would fit in the sentence...

  4. "Head."

  5. Yes, ... it is true.

    I'm, to sexy for my shirt
    To sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hhuuuurrrrtts!

    "Macro Art In Nature"

    (need more coffee!)

  6. Nice bluebells.

  7. My main blog is about web development and stuff.

    I just added a section called Playground where I have links to some of the stuff I've written for fun like the email encoder and my very first tableless web page to which I later applied my CSS technique. Even the rollovers are CSS, the only thing I'm using JavaScript for is to preload the images.

    Like the WordPress guys say: Code Is Poetry :D

  8. Great concept why doesn't someone do a blog which could give any blogger who wants exposure a place to check in once in a while. I have been looking at my stats and it appears I have an average of 3.3 visitors per day.

    I just started blogging about two weeks ago and feel like i have training wheels on and maybe my blog doesn't go anywhere. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Check our using the name zentraveler.

    Under the categories: blogging, travel, health, writing and humor.

  9. Stolen Moments is an environmental/political weblog containing a broad range of articles. Every writer has a slant and I make no apologies for mine. I wish to see my own generation leave behind an unspoiled natural legacy for the generations yet to come. This blog's Technorati ranking is 15,434 (576 links from 204 blogs).
    Stolen Moments is currently under renovation as I had too many categories and there was no "bulk" method of reducing them from over 100 to 25 I deleted all categories but two Uncategorized (Default) and Environmental Issues. Now I have a huge job before me as I will have to create my new categories and edit every post (376) to reassign them to the new ones. :(
    I am a non-geeky blogger lacking technical skills who frequently answers simple questions on the support forum. Bloggers Blurt: learning WordPress blogging one error at a time is a place where I have written "how to" instructional posts aimed at helping other n00bies to master technology and create their first blog. This blog's Technorati ranking is 86,836 (81 links from 40 blogs). Some WordPress Resources I have posted there are:adsense & advertising, beginner resources, edit template, first blog, image in text widget, javascript, iframes & embeds, importing a blog, widgets.
    I'm currently working on setting up a third blog Irreverent Feedback that will contain an eclectic collection of rants on a wide variety of subjects.

  10. My blog is

    The Technorati rank is Rank: 3,679 (1,276 links from 563 blogs).

    I write about whatever I feel like. Usually techy/geeky stuff. I throw out lots of blogging tips specific to as well.

    I've decided to start holding monthly contests. The current one is to win credits... T-shirt giveaway coming up in February.

  11. Well, I was at 19,000 on Technorati until the new domain. It's taken me from October 1 to get back to 22,000. If would change their Blogs of the Day to point to instead of I'd be even better-ranked than I was before.

    But I feel some satisfaction in adding 151 links (current) to 204 links (previous) and thinking my inbound links are 355. Even if Technorati won't buy it.

  12. what's up with the technorati rank! show-offs *mutters* ;P

  13. Only 5 more months to go until the domain name change doesn't matter :)

    (since technorati only looks at the last 9 months)

  14. I know: I'm watching them kill off the old links one by one. But every time I'm in the Top 100 Blogs it's the OLD address that gets the Technorati-juice, not the new one. This is a whineable issue as far as I'm concerned. In five more months will be the ONLY place linking to

  15. Links are ephemeral. Therefore it makes no sense at all to create the impression they ought to be accumulated like "savings in a bank account" because they aren't. Nine months later most of them are broken and the information in the posts has been superceded.
    For those bloggers who haven't caught on to this yet a Technorati link bug has been fixed
    And I might add that I do get hits from Technorati searches.
    IMO not having access to the traffic the tag system directs to my blogs is one of the most persuasive arguments against making the move to
    Then too theres the fact that moving would require me to either become geeky or hire a webhost. I also note that many unanswered questions on the foums.
    Bottom line: I'm here for the long term whether or not my blogs rankings improve. :)

  16. thereflectiveteacher

  17. Wow, respect!

  18. My rank at Technorati is not high and I don't really care because is less 'pressure' for me. I don't have to update my blog that often worrying that I may lose readers **shrugs** And I don't update it often, not because I don't wanna, but because I have a lot on my plate.

    So far, it seems that the information I have there has been useful to a lot of people. I should confess, though, that it makes me feel proud that my blog is the first result to be displayed when you google 'innertext firefox' :D

  19. @devblog
    I found your post on css customization interesting enough to read twice and I will be back to read it again, for sure. Eventually, my gray matter will record what you've written and who knows I might even try it. ;)

  20. Thanks TT. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    BTW, did the speakers of your computer finally work? Like I wrote on my last email, I hope it wasn't a sound card problem.

  21. @devblog
    w00t! I've got music, youtubes, video, dvds and everything. It was a plug that I put in the wrong place. Also my techy refuses to believe that I will not like the dvd movies and music he's getting ready for me.
    This is sooo exciting. It's like moving out of the dark ages into the light. :D
    P.S. Most of the time he was here he was laughing at me. He said I'm like a kid in a candy store. He's right. ;)
    He only stayed for 1/2 hour. He expected to be here for 1 1/2 hours but I had already figured the other things out myself. I'm supposed to set up itunes whatever they are. I take it from him that I'm gonna love them.

  22. thereflectiveteacher, that is a pretty cool site you have! I sent my wife an email about it as she as well has a teaching site on and might enjoy it


  23. Well, since did such a good plug, I am about to add that to my blog roll on Neil Whitfield’s English and ESL, my newer blog, which may or may not be awesome, but is, I hope, useful to some. It certainly attracts visitors from all over!

    My main blog is New Lines from a Floating Life, "Thoughts on life, books, and many things from a grumpy old man and recovering pontificator in Surry Hills, Australia." Been nominated for best NSW blog 2007; doesn't mean I'll win though.

  24. thereflectiveteacher

    Thanks for reading. I really do appreciate it.

  25. (1) I love photoblogs. I especially like those that are "nature orientated" and those that have "abstract digital art" that I can admire in them. If you have such a blog then please plug your blog here so I can find it. :)

    (2) I'm interested in vegetarian cooking, aromtherapy, essential oils, homemade soaps and homemade lotions and potions. If you have such a blog please plug your blog here so I can find it. :)

  26. Well then T.T., ..... here I am again! :)

    "Macro Art In Nature"

  27. An American expat lawyer in Asia writing about nautical and current events from the comforts of a virtual guano island.

    I blog about US politics, Korea/Japan and nautical events.

  28. @macroartin
    Okay, okay. I've linked you to one blog already and I'll link you another one too. ;)
    Welcome. I'm glad you posted. :)

  29. LoL! :)

    I am just getting around to adding other individual's blogs in the next couple of days, ... and yep, ... yours will be in there too!

    See you later, ... got some editing to do.


    (Not DrMike, ... I'm the handsome Mike!)

  30. indeed modesty is not thy's virtue, handsome mike.

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