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  1. its new =]

  2. Read mine -it's brilliant, all about identity theft

  3. i must rephrase my previous comment.

    modesty is indeed not the virtue of wordpressers.

  4. defrostindoors

    Bridlepath aims to bring all the cool, neat, interesting horsey stuff that's fit to print, and I'm *still* ticked at a reviewer who said the content was "dry"--compared to what? If you're interested in the topic, then it's hardly dry, is it?! Technorati says it has 127 links from 43 blogs but I think that's too low a number, if my stats have anything to say about it. Bridlepath has been picking up a lot of links and traffic lately, which makes me very happy, but of course I want more. I blame WordPress for giving us all those stats to obsess over. ;)

    Uncanny Canada is a blog about Canadian Forteana and general oddness, which I haven't been able to spend much time on lately (mea culpa). I do notice most Fortean blogs don't get a lot of traffic, with the possible exception of Cryptomundo.

  5. @ bridlepath
    w00t! Another Canuckistani equestrian. I retired myself and my horses in November but equine love never dies. I am a gulf islander. And I'm glad you posted.

  6. My blog is mostly in Norwegian, which is uninteresting for most of you. I have a lot of jokes in English thought, even if the headline is in Norwegian. (The tag is "vitser".)

    I also have a good collection of "how come" stories in English, and some very few posts from when I started blogging and thought for doing something else with it.

  7. Hello people,

    Good to see an off-topic forum!

    I blog at and my blog won't interest a lot of you as it is about a small valley hidden far away.

    I blog on 'everything about Kashmir,' or so I would want to believe.

    My blog is an attempt to talk about the issues confronting my land and people from a people's perspective and in the process beat the mainstream media. Ok, I am thinking too big :)

  8. I don't think I posted anything here yet.

    My main blog is Famous Quotes

    I was putting quotations pages on the Internet when there were only about 100 domain names in the entire world. Others who claim they were first are playing fast and loose with the truth.

  9. Read mine! It's Blok 8 ( ) I just started it, so it only has a few posts. But right now I think I am doing pretty good.

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  10. My technorati ranking: 1,199,504. Sa-weet! Lol.

    My blog is

  11. Mine's just stuff that I find interesting at the time. It lacks everything you need to get more than 1-68 views a day. But it's mine.

  12. Bohsnews aims to bring everything to do with Bohemian Football Club of Dublin together in one place. It is essentially a links site, made necessary by the derisory coverage in mainstream media of Irish football*.

    Bohsnews also carries some links to items concerning the national league, to stories on the business and politics of football, and to media treatment of the domestic game. Themes that have emerged have been the under-investment in Irish football, the naked hostility of some vested interests in media that prefer their sport English-flavoured and neatly syndicated for globalised consumption, and the contrasting hegemony that is the Gaelic Athletic Association.

    * I'm told also known exclusively in some circles as soccer

  13. What is this "soccer" of which you speak?

    defrost: this reminds me to get off my butt and give you some of the ghost tales I grew up with. Once I've had my coffee...

  14. Hello Everyone,

    Well, I have a blog that is ( shall I put this...) probably described as eclectic, or perhaps some would say just plain old eccentric. Its train of thought is reflected by the sequence of the postings...sometimes emotional, sometimes cognitive, sometimes just plain nostalgic; the tone of the postings ranges from thoughtfully sober and introspective, to downright silly. The topics include a range of interests, such as: current news, cultural and political issues, humor, psychology, photography, entertainment, etc. Articles are often enriched with attractive photographs, original slideshows, pleasant musical audio and carefully selected, interesting videos.

    I'd be pleased, even happy, if any if you decide to take a look at my site, "Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities" at:

    Thanks much!!

  15. @beatesevi
    I'm glad you posted here because I visited your blog and I really enjoyed your "how come?" collection

    @disembedded I also enjoyed visiting your blog too. It's a fascinating collection that you have going there and I will be returning to read more. Thanks for posting in this thread.

    I enjoyed reading this post on your blog

  16. Hi Timethief,

    Thanks much for taking the time to visit my blog, and also for the very kind comments that you made about it. You constantly make so many extremely valuable and helpful contributions to the WP Support Forums. My very best wishes to you!!

  17. defrostindoors

    @ rain -- tomorrow's my bday and I want some ghost stories! LOL!

  18. @disembedded
    Thanks {blushing}

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow and many happy returns too.

  19. Quick mention that we need to be only posting blogs located here at please. For those hosted elsewhere, please post over here on the forums.

    Oh, and to fit in, here's two posts of interest.

  20. My New blog is

    Please do visit the blog for interesting updates on HR outsourcing

  21. Take a look at my blog, film reviews, poetry, some other random stuff you won't find elsewhere.

  22. I have a couple of new pictures from Nepal-one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Check it out...

  23. I'm totally new to blogging and have no idea how I meant to find people to read it, posting a reply here seems to be a good place to start. It's a personal blog, more like a journal I suppose. Reeeeeeeeeead it, go on.

  24. @
    drmike has a blog that give all kinds of tips on how to promote your blog

  25. Thank you thimethief. :-)

  26. Timethief, if you like nature photography, I hope you'll have a look at my blog. :)

    My blog is pretty new - I created it two weeks ago and I have an average of 10-13 visits a day (visits slightly dropped last weekend because I have been unable to update it.) I try to post frequently (at least a post per day on average).

    Other than my nature photography and news, topics vary. My goal would be a blog that is informative and interesting. I have ideas in my mind but as it is still pretty new it's still a work in progress. If you take the time to visit it I hope you'll be intrigued enough to come and visit me again.

  27. bump

  28. @hroswith
    Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I enjoyed your nature photography very much. :)

  29. The problem with Technorati rankings is that it is too easy to manipulate the system. I had a blog a while back, much different from blog I run today, that had achieved a high rank through the power of inline trackbacks. Inline trackbacks counted as links to the site that pinged me, so I had received enough links from other sites to artificially raise my ranking. Then I shut it down.

    Link ranking systems are a ruse. What really matters is hit count.

  30. Hits can be gamed just as easily, if not easier. There are flaws with all ranking systems, but when you look at the metrics of your own blog over time, knowing what you may or may not have done to juice the results, you gain an overall perspective of where things are with you in the context of the blogosphere. That's where the true value lies.

    That and once you're in the top ten thou Technorati will answer your Help requests.

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