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  1. I've started to chronicle my life as a man trying to make a life for myself and my family on not a whole lot of money. I think my life is unique in that I'm not working at Walmart, I'm not living in the ghetto but I'm struggling nonetheless. Check it out sometime, I may be living poor but I'm still trying to live well.

  2. @livingpoor
    I'm also living a simple and frugal lifestyle by choice, although I'm living in the country as opposed to the suburbs. I may be poor but I do do live well and most of all I feel good about the life I live.


    i am just beginning in this celebrity blog world. It makes me smile.

  4. If anybody has five mins to spare then take a look at my blog

    I am trying to live my life by Permaculture principles, ethical shopping, organic gardening and reducing the amount of waste that my family and I produce. Any questions just ask.

  5. Interesting blog subject, I'll check it out.

  6. Or maybe I won't.
    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

    Now, why would you ask everyone to look at your blog and then delete it?

  7. If you like the Patriots you like my blog.

  8. What is Renal Failure?

    1) inability of the kidney to purify blood

    2) the name of my death metal band if I had a death metal band (and we would have a band called Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Spastic Colon open for us)

    3) A writing experiment full of wild fabrications and outright lies. Starring some guy, his ninja neighbor, and a half-cyborg cat.

    I started it on Myspace last year and moved it to WordPress this January, so there's already a year's worth of lies and fabrications up for perusal.

  9. I've been getting some good traffic to my blog, that makes me happy. I had some girl post a rash of three comments telling me what I should do with my life but I can ignore the preaching because I've also gotten people who are happy to see kindred souls telling their tale. All in all things are going well!

  10. renalfailure is a VERY cool blog, y'all.

    livingpoor, you'll get used to it. We grow very tough hides out here on the Internet, but if you're poor you already have one.

  11. Home to my thoughts on life, and anything else that wanders into the labyrinth that is my mind. Feel free to browse.Janland!

    My poems, short stories, and excerpts from screenplays I'm working on.Janland! Poetry

    A place to discover new music, books, and films. And reviews.Janland! Media Review

    My photoblog.Janland! Pix

    Hope you enjoy at least one of them. :)

  12. Wow, that's a lot of blogs to fill. Hope you're eating your wheaties.

  13. Got to agree with RC. But they're pretty good blogs.

  14. rc:: :) I am eating my wheaties.
    rr:: thanks

  15. :) new blog, really more about me and my daily life.
    Make This Go On Forever

  16. How do you have time to HAVE a life, with all those blogs?

  17. but blogging must be her life, then.

  18. :) no, blogging is just a part of it. I have insomnia so I'm up half the night and after homework, I blog.

  19. is it clinically verified? do you even get sleep if you have it? how do you have energy to go around if you don't have sleep?

  20. it is clinically verified. There are two types of Insomnia: two much sleep, and not enough. I do sleep, about two hours at most. And I don't really know how I find energy, but I'm sure my coffee addiction has something to do with it.

  21. made a mistake on the link for my personal blog it's Beautiful Disaster

  22. @dragonflyer

    (1) Do you know what over-kill means? It means that one link to your blog will bring more attention to it than many will. It's quirk of human nature that when people see multiple links it turns them off. It's like seeing and listening to a bragger at school; people avoid braggers.

    (2) The url to your blog does not contain a www at all. Your blog's url is

  23. timethief: i think he was trying to pull of what thereflectiveteacher did in the first page. that was hilarious though!

  24. Hey, someone said this would be the place to announce my new page. Of course, the page isn't new, but I recently coded it completely around wordpress including a custom theme, several templates, and my own plugin.

    I love how easy wordpress makes it to edit my pages and manage my data. It's really something. If you'd like to see what I've done with it, go to [Link Removed - drmike].

  25. Only if you're hosted here at If you're hosted elsewhere, you're running different software then we are here and you need to be over at They also have a subforum for announcing your blogs.

  26. Actually going to plug someone else's blog:

    Consider it blogged, the comic

  27. Thanks!

  28. This is my new blog on marketing and creative thoughts that may pop into my head from time to time. well this isn't my new blog as much as it is my first blogso have had to beat off the stigmas of opening my mind to the public. Now the doors are open who knows what will come out... oooh all the good bits hopefully!!!

  29. my blog is there the link was wrong sorry it's fixed now raincoaster.

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