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  1. Hello there,

    Although, I have been around WP (with four blogs) for a few years, I am not always active and write on my homepage more than blog but those two things are slowly changing.

    Self-deprecating, my main blog, encapsulates bittersweet vignettes, a web journal of sorts, food blog, political op-ed pieces and pop culture references, literary and film criticism as well as an impending travel blog that may be a precursor to being an active wanderlust in the foreseeable future.

    Keep on writing,

  2. What my new blog is about: the pursuit of the interesting, the funny, the curious, the useful, and the absurd; random observations and favorite quotations; what you can find where, and what to do with it; past, present and future bits and pieces of my life; and, of course, my needlework, t-shirt, and jewelry designs.

    I hope to be an active participant in this community!

  3. Talking about disability through a teenagers eyes....not all heart break and woe is me though! Would love a few comments on my new has a photo of Lady Gaga to get you in!

    Ali x

  4. Woot! Just started my first blog ever: Project to watch 500 movies in one year, with reviews and insights on cinema in general.

    All comments are greatly appreciated!

  5. OneMassiveLol

    it is about my life in general. i know i'm not alone but you know when you think all the bad things happen to you? Well 2009, it's been 'one of those' years and I am inviting people to laugh and cry with me in my attempt to explain the OneMassiveLol that has been my life :)

    happy scribblin'

  6. OML- just so you know, i ab-so-lutely adore you username!!!

    my blog's pretty simple; rants about boys, raves about boys, random posts, a few posts with actual points, more pictures, a link to my MS profile, because i'm so lame i still have one, and lots more. just a peek at life as an average teenage girl, analyzed by the sarcastic, rude, and often slightly insulting mind of amber. do you dare venture closer? oh well. don't say i didn't warn ya.

  7. Hi there,

    New on blogging I just opened mine in Dutch, but that's no problem. Will be using the blog for publishing a photo a day, taken on that day, for a year under the title of 'waan van de dag' (delution of the day).

    Starting date is open, I first need to get the right template for the page and mind setting, but give me a month or two.

    Hope to see you there.

  8. Is this showcase forum actually supposed to be mixed in with the main forums?

  9. raymondchepkwony

    I'm relatively new to wordpress.. My stats are improving and it feels good knowing someone somewhere is reading!
    I step back and let my blog do the talking.. Please guys,give me a visit and tell me what you think.
    Its fuel for the macho. Straight out of the mind of a randy Kenyan male!

  10. This is a great topic!

    If you want some EyeCandy, come on over to my place!

    >a href="">Juno's Place

    Here you will find digital art for Scrapbooking, Card-making and Altered Art. Lots of gorgeous Freebie downloads, some with limited Commercial Use licence terms.
    (Read my TOUs carefully. All of my work is copyrighted)

    And for SoulCandy, my newest blog is

    Cards by Carol

    For beautiful printable Scripture Cards. Share some joy!
    And introducing printable Wedding Stationery Templates.
    Lots of Freebie downloads for Personal Use.

    Welcome! Grab a cup of coffee first, there's lot's to see!


  11. Please take a bit of time to have a look at my blog. It's a bit of British media satire - hope you enjoy it....

  12. The House of Goonery (I know! Weird.) is my blog. In it, I cover such diverse topics as religion, politics, social commentary, and movie reviews. Interspersed are musical interludes, where I feature a song and discuss what it means to me.

    New readers are welcome. Hope to see you all there.


  13. fresh thought poetry or as me Mum says "cheer yer blinking face up or I'll gi yer something to look miserable about,"

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