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    how do i get the Plugin to appear on the left on my Dashboard?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    If you are referring to the blog linked to your username then the answer is you don’t. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins or third party themes into them. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    The differences between free hosted blogs and self hosted installs are found here >

    What is it that you wanted the plugin for please? We have many widgets that can be used on free hosted blogs and there are also workarounds we can share for some things.


    i downloaded the wp e-commerce plugin from and extracted it from my gator host c-pannel and went to my WP Dashboard and on the left where i should have the option to at least look at any plugins there isn’t a icon for the plugins for me to activate any plugins?



    Re-read what TT said. We don’t have plugins on blogs. They are for WordPress.ORG blogs only.

    Also, we can’t do ecommerce here at


    how can i activate the plugin to activate the you tube thing that lets me stream a youtube video through a post to my site?


    how do i get the plugin to appear on my dashboard so i can activate the Akismet. How do I access my WordPress Dashboard to activate anything from the plugin? How do I get the Plugin symbol on the left of the Dashboard to appear. If it appears I can at least go into it and Activate all the plugins that WordPress has available. I don’t have the Plugin Icon on my Dashboard to do anything with Plugins, Can anyone help me get the plugin icon on my dashboard?



    Hello there,
    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and there are no plugin tabs on them, so how on earth could we upload plugins? The answer is that we can’t and I already made that clear above.

    1. Our free hosted blogs are already equipped with Akismet.

    2. If you wish to embed youtubes into post or pages then here are the instructions.

    3. On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff. The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.


    ok thank you



    It’s important to be aware of the differences between free hosted blogs and installs for self hosting.

    No blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM

    The advertising exceptions noted in support documentation are for high traffic blogs that qualify for and are accepted into the Ad Control program, soon to be replaced with the WordAds program. The WordAds program is not for new blogs. It’s for established blogs with 20,000 or more page views monthly. The other exception is extremely high traffic blogs that qualify and are accepted into the paid VIP hosting program.

    If you do require an ecommerce site, advertising and/or affiliate links you can hire a web host and get a free software install from Refer to >

    You’re welcome.

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