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  1. My blog can not install plugin, now I want to install Facebook comment. Please help me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't use plugins on a blog at all. They are only for WordPress.ORG.

  3. Where can I get And can I use the site I started or start it over?

  4. If you started a site at you can't use plugins on it. You must find a paid web host, buy hosting, install software from and away you go.

  5. One last question, can I use BlueHost for this?

  6. And how cheaply can I do this?

  7. You'll have to ask them. Typically hosting goes from $10 a month and up, with the average personal blog costing about $20 per month.

  8. thanks for all

  9. A few more questions if I may.

    I got my page up and running with Plugins, Galleries and Libraries.

    I upload my resume but it doesn't show on my Resume page?

    I've added a photo to my Blog titled Mom and Alzheimer's but it doesn't show up.

    One last, if I want to keep adding to my Blog Mom and Alzheimers do I do this by replying or can I post another story under this heading?

  10. I figured out how to add the photo to my blog page.

  11. If you got your WordPress.ORG site up and running, you need to ask for support at We can't help you with that blog at all here.

  12. Oh I am so sorry.

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