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  1. Hello

    I am so confused I am just registered here and I cant instal plugin...Can I ask why?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because you have a blog. is a turnkey blogging solution with very high security. That means you can't install external themes or plugins, because they are not necessarily safe.

    Plugins are only for WordPress.ORG blogs using a different version of the software, where you or your staff are wholly responsible for security and upgrades.

  3. Details about the different kinds of WordPress:

    What plugins do you want to do what with?

  4. changeinadvance

    I've seen many sites with seo on the dashboard- how do i do i add such?

  5. You don't. SEO is built in here.

  6. changeinadvance

    how do i access it than?

  7. You cannot. It is already well taken care of by Well and of course, it's up to you to provide content people want to read.

    Here is excellent advice about how to increase your traffic from my fellow volunteer timethief:

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