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Plugin folder and sitemaps

  1. Hi

    I've recently set up a blog using a free theme. I own a domain so I've paid wordpress fee of $13.00 a yr for that domain to host it (which has occurred successfully now) and now I want to add my site map for better SEO. Using Google XML Sitemap generator I need to upload to the plugin folder and this doesn't seem to exist. I also noticed that plugins aren't an option from my dashboard unlike several tutorials I'm trying to follow show.

    Do I need to do something different in order to access plugins for this? I heard that it doesn't exist until you have your own domain but I do. Is it because I'm using a free theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not if you have your own domain, but if you are self-hosted using the standalone WordPress software.

    Your site is hosted by, where we do not have plugins, nor can we use any theme other than those found in our Dashboards > Appearance tab.

    You'll want to read this for clarity

    About the site map:

  3. If you have domain mapping then you are still hosted here on
    read this section carefully:

    This is what your sitemap looks like:
    Here is info about sitemaps on

  4. ~~morning Jen!

  5. Thanks guys for the clarification, I think when there's so much info and I'm a wordpress newbie it can get a bit overwhelming! It seems my research for choosing the correct blogging software has paid though, so much help and really easy to use the dashboard. Intuitive with plenty of options. I looked a few others prior to starting this so very happy and this support forum is the icing on the cake!

    Anyway, looking at your reply 1tess, it seems I already have a pretty tasty sitemap thats indexible by Google etc? I've already done the site verification stuff so really without going through with the big upgrade to using the wordpress software on my domain (next big step up), really I've done as much as I can for SEO?

    Again, thanks peeps!

  6. If you're after SEO, then this is the best choice. blogs have more SEO than even beautifully optimized independently hosted blogs. Part of that is just being one of the world's biggest hosts, but the rest is deliberately built into our blogs.

  7. ~~waving at tess!

    @mphlimited-you're welcome from me. If you haven't yet, you might want to have a look at and your first line of information should be the Support docs, which are very searchable and useful and can be accessed either by the "Support" link in the blue bar above or by the link in the footer at the bottom of each forum page.

  8. thanks guys :)

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