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    I want to find a plugin where in i can have tags linked to main wordpress blog from the inner most blogs. and



    We don’t use plugins here at

    If you use tags and are hosted at, those tags automatically link to the tag pages.

    If you are not hosted at, you are not permitted to use such tags and no such plugin exists. Those functionalities are only for hosted blogs.


    But i wanted to install it on my own wordpress wu installed main blog.
    I hope Mu is almost same as and hence it would work on the same way if i use the tagging plugin which you have.



    No, it’s not. is its own MU, and its features are not available to other MUs. You could make a plugin that would link to your MU’s tag pages if you can write the code, but you can’t participate in the benefits of the community if you’re not a part of that community. Your links will only be to your own MU’s tag pages, not to ours.

    For related questions, you need to be asking at, which does support for hosted blogs.



    Amitpatel3001, maybe check over in the MU forums at:


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