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    Hi team,

    I’m one of the developers at, wondering how to have our widget available for bloggers hosted on

    Let me give you a bit of context. We have a widget for bloggers to embed a Twitter-like content stream with cool content from more than 100 different topics. The embedding code is pretty standard, + <script> tags, here are examples:

    As you can imagine, we’re receiving a lot of requests from users with blogs hosted on, and our widget can’t be added.

    I went through the docs, and came here from:

    I’d like to understand a bit better what is needed for a plugin to be added to (e.g., how many bloggers requests), and/or if there are other ways to be able to add our widget (e.g., via oEmbed). I found particularly interesting the way is embedded, but I can’t find any documentation nor I can see anything related in the source code at

    I’m open to any solution and willing to implement whatever is needed on our side.

    Emanuele Cesena



    Here is the possible rub. When I see these words embed a Twitter-like content stream with cool content from more than 100 different topics I think splogging tool.

    I have been here for 8 years and has meticulously avoided allowing us bloggers to use any means of auto-filling posts or pages with content sucked in from RSS Feeds and passing the kind of splogs created by that uninspired non-blogging off as a blog.

    Of all the blogging platforms I know of this one is outstanding in that it actually promotes original content blogging and is not a safe haven for sploggers. However, the recent trend towards embedding tweets, and this and that, etc. means we may see a turning of the tide as authentic blogging gets sucked down into the tidepools of duplicated content that IMNHO pollute the blogophere.


    Hi, and thanks for the feedback on the idea.

    I was however more interested in the technical problem, to let users have the choice wether to add or not the widget. I understand your opinion and vision but, with all respect, if this would be 100% shared you wouldn’t have a Twitter, Text and RSS widgets available by default. Moreover, I’m getting curious on how achieves embed, since you can just copy&paste a link, and their widget magically appear (no docs, no trace in the source code available at

    Specifically on Theneeds content, I agree with you that our content is NOT original, but it’s fresh, curated and ranked by a community. All things that, imho, make it absolutely complementary to the blogger’s content. I also agree with you that having my own tweets (where usually I do promote my blog posts) in my blog is a non-sense… we hope to create something better!

    And this brings me back to my tech questions. Again, thank you for the response!
    Emanuele Cesena



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    I’m subscribed. Thank you very much for your interest and help.



    You are welcome.



    Thanks for submitting your idea.


    Thanks to you… thought I’d like to know more about what could I do move forward (if there’s anything I can do) with respect to the points I’ve outlined (create a plugin, work with oembed, understand how performs auto-embed…).

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