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Plugin option not seen

  1. Can't see Plugins option under appearances at my blog, any idea if I messed this up or...? As it is missing and I really need it! Okay found answer, not allowed here unless self-hosted sites. Does that mean I have to go into my CPanel and do this? As the video tutorial I watched via you tube never explained this!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you absolutely need plugins, then yes, you will need to move to

    What plugin did you want to install? (in case there is an alternative that works with

  3. Need the plugin so I can create a membership site using wordpress. Think I signed up and went into, but had no idea where to find it or where to look!

  4. Then you're going to have a hard time. What you want isn't simple.

  5. oh ok, didn't realize that as video tutorials on youtube and other sites claimed you can make a membership site using wordpress by accessing plugins then doing their recommended steps.

  6. so could it be a better or easier idea, if I bought the membership site software,created a site myself, then got a domain name, got it hosted, rather than try to use WordPress?

  7. You can download the wordpress core files from, get a domain name, get a hosting account from, and install the wordpress installation files into your hosting server via cpanel or ftp. Learn how to do it here ==> Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install

    Once your wordpress installation is complete, get a nice looking theme from or and download the s2members plugin. Very awesome plugin, there's a free and paid version to it. With this membership plugin, you can collect payments, segregate membership levels, hide posts by membership level, and much more.

    my plr membership site uses woocommerce integrated with s2members.

    There's also a rather popular membership site software by amember if you decide not to use wordpress.

  8. Okay, blonde as with this...
    The wordpress 5 minute install says you need a web server. So the alternative is I'd have to go into my cpanel via the site I got my domain name and hosting from, yes? Or get someone who knows what they are doing, to do all for me,for a small fee,right?
    Have membersgear,looked at amember too. Budget is low as so,have to try find freebie methods.

  9. Okay, so far have downloaded the wordpress core files, lots of them from hotfix,jetpack,presswork,membership,bbpress,to s2members, from

    Got a domain name -, as well as a hosting account from
    Do I now need to install the wordpress installation files into my hosting server via cpanel or ftp. How do I get my hosting server?

    Or find it?

    So then,do i have to upload/install this via my FTP I downloaded - Filezilla?
    Have updated wordpress to 3.5.1, got a nice looking theme from - called vertigo, and downloaded the free s2members plugin. Haven't unzipped it or installed it yet.

  10. Will I have to transfer my hosting from, to wordpress?

  11. You need to understand the differences among the various WordPress options.

    WordPress.COM is separate from WordPress.ORG.
    If you are paying for hosting somewhere, then you can use the free software from wp.ORG to build a site. If you need a forum or a membership only type site, it may be possible or not. But this forum is for wp.COM and we don't have the expertise to advise you. Try the wp.ORG support forum:

  12. Thanks. I did look at the and it states I'd need to create a site THEN transfer it to in order to create a membership site using the plugin, and would cost me about $US120 for the privilege.
    Why make one,and have to transfer it to another if the same or sister site? I couldn't see the point of that, but just another money sourcing idea :)

  13. Sorry the 5 step method I think says it, and the youtube how to of wordpress and membership sites is deceiving, not very informative on this. It has indication of a plugin option under "appearances" on website,in the youtube video, but when I tried to find it, it wasn't there.

  14. Thanks guys for all your advice, I found the plugins option there after my previous rant! And applied the 2-3 membership site plug ins, but now have 2 versions - one at or and another with membership options at wp - the paid domain name,
    Can I transfer 1 from WP to my domain? Now totally confused when editing blog post,in wp.

  15. You don't need a blog on your site is up and running on software.

    You can export the contents of then import it into but as far as I can see, you've already put the info onto your self-hosted site.

    Your account here can be useful if you want to install and use Jetpack.

  16. ok , thanks,1tess!

    So I go to my account, sign in,go to "export", export the contents, of and then "import" the contents into ?
    As I want to put all, including the video,or a better video, on the from the wordblog site.

    And I can't see the "plugins" option inside again,as I did before,as mentioned in the previous post,and added extra pages for my membership site using wordpress' auto option.

    So would I have to upgrade to v 3.5.1 again,if so how? and then add all the membership pages/levels plugins again?

    And if so , how?

  17. Or would I, (would it be way easier) just (have) to go into the blog, and add the video,text etc as seen on the wordpress blog to the Or simply make a copy of it,and transfer it all somehow from one,to the other.

  18. Okay, my about page is at, fine,and on the video is missing,and only the link to it is seen,clearly.But can fix will have to gio back into the membership options to create more pages, i.e. the sample page,free offer page,payment /product and services page. Thanks all for your great advice, much appreciated!

  19. But, the membership option level ,arent shown in red at the bottom of the page.This I want to create from the page source, so it matches what's seen on at the bottom of the page,in red...

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