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Plugin Request - Gravatar

  1. Gravatar stands for Globally recognised avatar. This just allows you to allow users to have a custimized avatar that appears everywhere. I was wondering if you could add this plugin. Here is information about it:

  2. It doesn't look like anyone has even looked at this.

  3. I assume you have submitted your request via your feedback form, if not do so.

    It's my understanding they compile a list of requests and those with the most interest are considered for inclusion here.

  4. I'd second adding the gravatar thing.

    It's "pointless" mostly but it's a nice way for people leaving comments to identify themselves. If it needs a purpose it also makes long comment lists easier to track (it's usually easier to identify a poster from a picture than from a name - especially yourself).

  5. Third. :)

    (I just installed it on my main blog and I think it's kind of neat.)

    To the Feedback form, Batman! :)


  7. Are requests more likely to receive consideration when submitted via the dashboard feedback link?

  8. We are using a multi user wordpress version here at that is less than a year old. As you know or couls know by reading the FAQ there is no advertising, no plug-ins, and no javascript permitted here. And as for an answer to your question you could read outstanding the requests to the forum which have yet to go to feedback as well as the FAQ and check out how many dovetail with your own. Combined with that you could surmise following the basic train of logic that a single squeaky wheel who floods the forum with lots of requests may not be immediately satisfied, or perhaps not. If research is your forte then maybe starting with that may be a good way to go - I'll leave that with you to consider. :)

  9. betterbetters, it's been suggested by staff that theme suggestions should go in via the Feedback system from your Dashboard but we've not heard anything about plugin requests.

    I would suggest using the feedback method to make sure the suggestion has been noted though.

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