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    I would really appreciate it if’s creators provided users with a way to monetize their blogs.

    The way I see it, this could lead to being self-sustaining, at the very least.

    Under the arrangement, could keep a variable portion of the income generated by the author who displays the ads, or, could keep a fixed amount every month/year.

    This is vital for me as a blogger, since though I don’t pay anything to host my blog, I do invest a LOT of time into blogging, and would like something that would justify this investment in time.

    The adsense deluxe plugin seems to enable the display of ads, as well as to share profits. Would the devs please look into this?

    Thank you for the excellent service!



    Covered in the FAQs.


    Member currently doesn’t allow adsense and i am glad with it. Besides, it’s not neat to have adsense all over your blog imho



    Dr. Mike – I read the faq blog post as well as the other posts in these here forums too – thanks.

    I was making the point about sharing the profits with developers.

    Also, if the devs enable ads on blogs on a per-blog basis – there won’t be any spam blogs. This could be done using a plugin that could be enabled on a per-user basis.

    Log, You are welcome not to use ads on your blog, and also to not visit blogs with ads on them – but should that be reason enough for others not to want it? (in short – what new idea did you have to suggest?)


    Who cares about adsense. is a really cool, FREE blogging tool. Why does it need to be monetized?

    If you want to make money blogging, fork over a modest sum for webhosting.



    I totally quote generaldisa!

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