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Plugin to add query string to URLs automatically

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been a faithful user for years now, but have created a blog for a different purpose and have a question regarding what CAN be done in terms of plugins on

    The situation is as follows. Author posts URL, and I want the URL to be automatically modified to add a query string, turning the URL into

    Is there such a plugin? Or if one were written, could it be used on a blog?

    And now, to complicate things, I only want the string to be added if the URL is from a shortlist, and not ANY ol' URL they might post.

    [Edit: Forgot to mention, if none of this is possible, I CAN either moderate each author's entry or teach them to add the string, but it'd be fab to be able to cut out the manual process]


  2. We can't do any file modifications here as we're on a shared environment. If you or anyone else was allowed to do so, they would be putting all of the blogs at risk.

    Friendly reminder that those hotel deals you mention in your sidebar are probably going to be against the ToS as advertising is usually frowned upon around here.

  3. Vero

    I'm sorry, we can't use ANY plugins on .com blogs. You'll have to (somewhat nauseatingly!) edit the string manually or educate them in proper procedure.

    I hope this answers you question.


  4. drmike: Thanks, I did think it may be impossible, and it makes perfect sense to keep things under control.

    As for the ToS, I did read through them and tried to gauge whether my posts would be an issue or not.

    I'd like to believe we're neither "unethical" or "unwanted", but if you genuinely think it breaks ToS, I'll have to look at other options. :S

  5. Best bet would be to send in a feedback via your dashboard and explain to staff what you plan to do and get them to make a call on the issue. There's the only one's who would be able to tell you for sure.

  6. Drmike: Done :) Thanks for your insight

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