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Plugin wont work in my theme. Help me understand.

  1. Hi all.

    Im new at WP, im trying to understand how it works behind the "click and add" systems.

    I try to convert own website to work in WP, with plugins etc. etc. but it wont work.
    I made a video, so its easier to understand my problem. It seems im missing some code somewhere in my "editor" files. But LOOK video and you understand.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Im pretty sure it is some "Hook" that im missing. I read alot about it, and tried some stuff. . . It seems im missing some "hook"?

  3. Plug-ins are not allowed on WordPress.COM - it is a security and reliability issue - you should stop reading / watching instructions for WordPress.ORG installed blogs

  4. I dont get it. org? What is the difference?

    Plz specify alot. :) Thx.

  5. Thx. Cya at :)

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