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    I wanted to add a plugin to view my instagram pictures into my blog.
    In the wp-admin menu I have no plugin section.
    I did an upgrade manually to my file trough ftp.
    My host tells me I’m using 3.5 but into my admin panel I do not see a difference.
    I still do not have the option plugins and saws no change on my dashboard.
    A friend showed me his wordpress site and I saw the option directly.
    Any idea why it doesn’t show up in my dashboard?
    My blog was build using wordpress and in hosted at bluehost
    Thanks for your reactions

    The blog I need help with is


    None of that makes any sense.

    Your user name and the URL in your post lead to a site with this at the bottom:

    Theme: Twenty Eleven | Blog at

    That means you don’t have FTP access to make any upgrades, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to by:

    I did an upgrade manually to my file trough ftp.

    If you are indeed on the platform, see:


    i did all this on bluehost….

    any more tips?


    Then you probably need to be over here:

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