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  1. Is there any way that I can get this Barc plugin from to work on

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no FTP access to our free hosted blogs and we bloggers can't install plugins for security reasons. Also note that there is no upgrade you can purchase that allows FTP access and the ability to install plugins. Only those with installs can use plugins

  3. That"s what I was assuming. Thank you!

  4. I am new to building a website. My question is : What would be the proper plugin to use for live camera feeds? To elaborate on the subject, I am looking to have multiple camera feeds, from multiple computers, from multiple locations. I have played around a little bit with the (video whisper live streaming) plugin. I do not believe that, that is the proper plugin for what I am looking to do. As I am very, very inexperienced at this, any advise would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

  5. You are in the wrong forum and need to be at Read the thread you posted in for details.

  6. @davidsdsu
    You're welcome.

    Ihis is the correct forum for your plugin questions http://wordpress.ORG/support/ If you have not registered a username account yet you can do so on the top right hand corner of the page I just linked to so you can post to those support forums.

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