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  1. Hi, friends.I want to customize All in One SEO Pack and others plugins.But i have not "plugins" title on Dashboard.Please help me.How can I customize this plugin?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. free hosted blogs and WordPress.ORG installs are different. What applies to free hosted blogs that we do not have FTP access to and we cannot install plugins into is this guide >

  3. I'm sorry. I posted the wrong last sentence above. Pleas ignore it.

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install any plugins into them. Plugins can only be installed on installs. There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes that.

    For a comparison of free hosted blogs and installs for self hosting see here >

  4. There are'not "PLUGINS" on the Dashboard!:((((

  5. There never will be. Read the links TT gave you.

  6. Thanks.I red links.

  7. what I must do to add plugins?pleAse explain me:(

  8. You must go buy hosting and get a blog

  9. thanks.can you gave me register link?

  10. Try typing into your upper browser bar and clicking.

  11. Ok.I have registrated how I can create blog?

  12. WordPress.ORG does not host any blogs - you need to sign up for hosting (they have a list of pardners at .ORG that meet their requirements (many other hosts not on the list also meet the requirements) ) - then you install the WordPress.ORG software (don't forget to buy a domain name) - and then you start blogging

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