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    I would like to find a solution to be able to use plugins(like copyrightpro, no right click). If i’ll upgrade to pro, is it possible to have this option? I already try to find this answer, but i couldn’t.
    Any other idea you can suggest to me is welcome.
    (the main problem for me is that any person who wants to download my photos can do that at any time and i don’t want that.)

    The blog I need help with is


    Plugins are not permitted here.

    If they were, that one would be useless. There are infinite ways to copy anything on the web.

    To protect your images, look into Watermarking which can be done with free software you may already have on your computer.



    Don’t put 7.5 MB files on your site either – don’t put high quality pictures on your site – the slow loading of your large files turns people off also – does not matter what you do – once your web site is in my browser I can copy the pictures – nothing you can do – make your file size smaller – and watermark them as noted above – and if you really don’t want a picture copied never put it on the internet


    Don’t put 7.5 MB files on your site either –

    That’s one reason I don’t even look at photo-based sites here. Doesn’t seem like anyone knows how to properly size and prepare images for the web. Maximum file size of 100Kb is my rule of thumb.



    My Cannery Hack site is a “Photo” blog but everything is compressed to save space and load fast and to keep people from making big prints of my stuff –


    ‘anyone’ being a generalized term meaning ‘most people’

    The few who do it right seem to be the exception.


    Many thanks to all of you! I will start to use smaller size of photos.
    Thank you!

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