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  1. Hi im new to and I just got a new blog and found some plugins online. Now I follow the instructions but I dont see the plugins button. When I go to my dashboard I dont see plugins next to users and presentations. Why is this.

  2. doesn't allow their users to upload plugins, but self-hosted blogs can. The plugins you would have found would have been for downloading wordpress from, getting a host and installing wordpress on your own server space. There are some 'widgets' that you can put in your themes, but only the ones that have been approved by staff and are not a security risk.

    Here is a good comparison of and in the FAQ.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Ok then. Well then would you know how I can take rss feed and make it updatable content on my wordpress blog.

  4. If you are hosted with, it cannot be done. If you are self-hosted, there are 2 plugins (feedwordpress and autoblog) both which are found by searching in the forums. Nothing for us though....sorry.


  5. hhmmmm ok thank you.

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