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  1. morgantcorbett

    Please insert a plugin for a gallery option so that people can better display their portfolio AND blog on the same website. Also, can you please create a plug in for google analytics? We need that too.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A Gallery is built in here - several options

  3. Hi there!

    As auxclass mentioned, we have several gallery options here on already:

    Is there a specific gallery feature you're looking for that we don't have?

    I'll make a note of your Google Analytics request. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Amazing. You already own a domain. Now you can easily add google analytics to it.

    I had the same problem and saw that many people are having it too.

    So, I published the solution on my blog, here it is : How to add Google Analytics to a blog | Web-Designer Arsenal

  5. Excuse me but we have known about the cloudflare workaround for google analytics on blogs since 2011 and we do not provide support for it.

  6. support ? What do you mean by that. It's working 100%.

  7. When it mucks up as it has for others there is no support for it here.

  8. No problems. I have been running it for almost 7 months now. And, cloudflare is there for the support.

    And, even in extreme cases, we can remove the nameserver and we're done.

  9. Whatever. does not support the workaround.

  10. So, wouldn't you try it out ??

  11. No

  12. why ? I'm even doing it. !!

    And, I'm sure you have been using for much longer than me !!

  13. Anyways, delighted to have a conversation with you.

  14. raincoaster and I have blogged here for over 8 years. We predate almost every Support Staff member being on staff and we predate all support docs. I'm not interested in using complex workarounds. Thank you.

  15. @TT - is this the same workaround that in the past tended to crash and the real web smart folks @RC knows would not touch this "solution" with anything? Seems we had a series of people with a workaround that gave problems with their blogs come through the forum - also given that the link for the "fix" did not want to load all the well for me - not something I want to trust my site to

  16. I don't know about the references being made here, but based on my experience, so far this solution is working perfectly.


  17. @auxclass
    Yes, I remember that scenario. I'm too lazy to search for and link to the threads and it's not useful to do so, hence, I'm moving on to answer other questions.

  18. Ok, thanks !!

  19. not worth the search either - but since GA is already running here - I keep suggesting additions to the stats that lap over into the GA area since Quantcast went away - maybe the staff will give us access to some of the data

  20. Yeah, would love additions to the stats feature.

    Hey, @timethief can you make this happen since you contacts with the staff !!!

  21. There's no way I can make anything happen. I don't have any closer contact with Staff then any other blogger here does.

  22. Alright.

    By the way, I have a small question:

    Can I eventually end up making money from my blog on ????

  23. If you want more stats - post in the Idea section a few very specific points you would like to know for stats that you don't have now - don't just ask for GA - the staff gets tired of those threads - but be very specific on what features are most important to you

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