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    Hi.Ican not get plugins to work on my blogg but I use free wordpress not .org.Some one told me that plugins and a lot off other plugins only work on downloaded this so?
    I can not find ex for upload add any,it says wp-content/plugins/directory
    ok I am new at this so sure me that are stupid,please can anyone help me.I trying to learn before I but everything on a webhost.



    Reading material in the FAQs

    If you are new, the place to start is with the two stickies at the top of this forum.


    Plugins are not allowed here at



    Thanks a lot now I know.Great and quick response,thank you very very much .



    It is a pity that plugins cannot be added in the free WordPress platform. They could and should be allowed, especially in the upgrade packages on offer.

    Some organisations (namely not-for-profit) prefer to run the sites on WordPress.Com, mapping a domain they own. They do this because it is more economic and a lot easier to maintain.

    There are good reasons for this. Hosting WordPress (which allows for as many plugins as we like) has several drawbacks, especially with technical support if things do not run correctly and this in turn has an impact on content production. Many people spend more time trying to maintain than producing content. This is a serious point, because it has an impact on how people perceive WordPress functionality compared to Blogger, for example.

    So I would like to propose to WordPress a review of this issue, perhaps organising certain plugins, which are a “must have”. An automatic Translator, for example, is absolutely essential nowadays, in a global platform such as the Internet.




    I’m really sorry, but you seem to have missed a fundamental grasp of how WordPress MU works and the security issues involved. I hope you will take the time to read the stickies at the top of this forum, which has already been suggested.

    If you have a specific plug-in that you would like to suggest, then please mention it in the Ideas forum.

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