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Plugins with free blog page? If need upgrade, what's cheapest?

  1. How can I use plugins with the free pages? Is this possible?
    If not, what is the cheapest upgrade option to enable that feature, and is there an e-mail I can contact if I have any questions?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry there is NO option to use plugins with the free version.

    Please read WP FAQ about Plugins

    Also » vs.

  3. Thanks for your response t3ck.
    I cannot afford the VIP option at USD500, I am not CNN :)
    What is the cheapest wordpress upgrade option I can purchase that will allow me to use plugins?
    And who do I contact by e-mail if I have any questions?
    Thanks again.

  4. Your best option is to hire a web host and download the free WordPress software found here »

    Staff's contact link

  5. There is no possibility of having plugins on a multiouse blogging platform like where there is no FTP access. Without FTP access a how the heck would you upload anything - answer - you can't!

    No FTP access at
    No plugins on blogs -!

    Please read the support documentation at the link T3ck posted because it states that flat out on the differences betweeen and

  6. typos above "multiouse" was meant to read "multiuser"

  7. okay, so regardless of what plan you have with, you cannot have plugins, and it is only possible to have plugins if you are on your own dedicated server and have wordpress installed?
    Do I have that correct?

  8. You can only have plugins on a software install.

  9. You can only embed a software install in a website.

  10. When you do have a install then you will have FTP access and that's the means by which themes and plugins are uploaded.

  11. Me:

    Just an aside: when I was new to WordPress, I had no idea that there was a difference between plug-ins and widgets, so I think the terminology can sometimes confuse new users. Widgets are like the plug-ins that the .org users use, they are simply limited in variety, customization, etc., and you can only use the ones provided on the Widgets page (under "Appearance," I believe, on the dashboard), and not any of the "WordPress plug-ins" that you may see mentioned elsewhere.

    One little sort of work-around that can be useful for some requirements is to use the "Text" widget and put in html -- if you can put it in ( html, then it's like making a custom widget. (No javascript or a few other things, though.)

    I just thought I'd mention this because of my own relatively recent newbie status and memory of my own early confusions! I understood the diff between and .org -- .org being self-hosted using wp software, etc. -- but sometimes the terminology differences between the two varieties of WordPress were confusing. Maybe this will be helpful to someone! :-)

  12. That's good advice.

    Also, we frequently run into people who really just want to do one particular thing to their blog, and think plugins are the only way. If people tell us what they want to actually ACCOMPLISH, we can usually find a solution for them that doesn't involve leaving

    Like the All In One SEO plugin; just staying at will do more for your SEO than any plugin you can imagine. It's foolish to leave just to use that.

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