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    Hello, refered me to

    in order for me to install a multilingual plugin.

    Now I’m told that I can’t do this and must use an automatic translating widget…really ?

    I have a premium account. To what do I have to upgrade to be able to use the polylang plugin ?

    Barring that, what other options are open to me to have a manual multilingual site ?



    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @skip1962,
    re: Plugins
    Sorry… but we cannot upload custom plugins on WordPress.COM. We are limited to some built-in plugins that come with WordPress.COM.

    Check the list of built-in plugins for the plugin you might be looking for:

    But, you can request a plugin if you think it’s features are beneficial to the users of WordPress.COM, by posting your plugin idea on the Ideas forum.

    As it is written here:

    The link you provided in the question is a WordPress.ORG plugin. It cannot be used here on WordPress.COM.

    The goal of WordPress.COM is to keep things simple. So that the technical stuffs are handled by WordPress and we focus on creating quality content.

    If you wish to have greater control over your site, you can use WordPress.ORG-a self hosted platform/software to create blogs, websites and more, with greater customization possibilities.

    Find out the differences between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG here:

    If you wish to move your blog from WordPress.COM to WordPress.ORG, follow the instructions given here:

    You can ask for help while creating your site using WordPress.ORG on this support forum: Because, this forum only supports the sites hosted on WordPress.COM.

    re: Multilingual Blog/Site
    If you are trying to create a multi-language site/blog you can follow this official support guide:

    Hope this helps 🙂

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