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PM -private message?

  1. I would love to see a private messaging system on WP. Mostly because even though I give out my e-mail (which atm I would rather not do), if people e-mail me it goes to spam.

    I know that would require a lot of work but I would absolutely love it! =D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @toseeincolor

    Have you looked at this?
    Your readers can contact you privately. If you set up an email with hotmail or gmail, you can even answer them without giving out your real personal addy.

  3. OH Golly!!!! i did not know this existed!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey! I'm very glad to help!

  5. What about a system to allow all registered users on your wordpress site to sennd private messages to one another like on a forum?

    Any way to do this at the moment?

  6. Not at the moment, no. Sorry about that.

  7. We need a BuddyPress upgrade option! :)

  8. Yes, I've looked all over to see if there will be a BuddyPress add-on to sites. Maybe it's just not talk-aboutable yet;-)

  9. PS - because it'd be SO much nicer than Ning. I think. Heh;-)

  10. I think a PM system on WP would be highly misused and abused, lets hope not, but there is a reason why they dont have this already in action. The contact for is so much better.

  11. @webmistress27
    I agree with you. The contact form works very well for me, and I don't need or want a PM service.

  12. @TT maybe they should add a proofreader in comments for those with racing thoughts such as myself to catch the type o's the my fingers dont lol. One could only imagine what would happen if indeed there was a PM service.

    personal attacks, tons of spam, viruses, solicitations....etc

  13. Exactly I have bee a member of a social network that had PM and it became a spammers tool.

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