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    Hi there,

    I hope i dont post something, which was just mentioned.

    1. personal messages:
    Cuold it be possible, that WordPress-users can send messages themselves beetween WordPress? It is maybe usefull. I hate sending extra emails, when i just have a little question to the blog of a friend.

    2. different autors = different appearence of a post:
    that means, that, when in a blog there are two or more authors, the posting of the authors dont have the same background-color or such things. maybe this could be solved with different shadows of the blog-color or anything else.

    I hope my english is good enough to understand me.

    Best wishes



    At this point you need to use the email option
    because doesn’t offer a PM option.


    where can i find this? is this a “service” of wordpress?



    Sorry about the confusion. What I meant was you will have to continue to manually
    email them.


    ah ok :)

    i thought this is the forum for new ideas, or am i false? the forum here is a little bit confusing me… maybe wordpress will implement this.

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